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"Typemock has helped us get some difficult to test code under test, as well as speed up the writing of some business rules/classes. The new version is quite impressive with the suggested tests. Any tool that helps you write more (and better!) tests has got to help make better quality code." 
Stephen Price Lead Developer at Unlisted Marketplace
Stephen Price Lead Developer at Unlisted Marketplace
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Episode 3 - Magic Numbers

3rd Video! And you can hear it in two ears! Man, this technology rocks!

This time Roy and Gil talk about Chris Ashton’s “It’s OK not to write unit tests” post and the retaliatory post by Uncle Bob. Cory Haines has Kata Casts. We’re taking a couple of things from the Google testing blog, like cost of testing and the new matcher feature in the Google mocking framework.

Also, on the cost savings, there’s Thomas Weller’s post (look for it in the middle, but the rest of the post is cool too). We talk about agile testing discussed at TestThisBlog and the Agile Testing blog. Jamie Cansdale’s new feature in TestDriven.Net and James Bach new article on Exploratory Testing Dynamics.

This time we also have an mp3 voice-only download, for all of you who can’t look at us anymore, but find our voices intoxicating. As always tell us you love us and spread the word! And there’s a place in the comments to let us know what you really think.

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