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"Typemock Isolator enables us to modify our legacy applications without changing the source code."
Christian Mérat, .NET Architect & Developer, GSoft Group
Christian Mérat, .NET Architect & Developer, GSoft Group
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Episode 6 - Analyze This!

This time, Gil and Dror have put their names in the titles!

Oh, they also talk about stuff. There’s the Lazy Coder’s Pro’s don’t make do. Google’s Testing the Chrome OS and rules for the new QA manager by James Whittaker. And some SOLID discussion about tools defining our views. And there’s this stuff about unit testing your brain and Mnemosyne,Who decides what to test and a couple of things that annoy Gil, Spaghetti Code and Pair programming prep (not the things themselves, mind you).

As always, leave us some comments. And yes, we’ll settle for beer instead.



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