The basics of unit testing with Typemock, demonstrated through a variety of articles, video tutorials and webinars.
Get Typemock Isolator installed and set up and you can immediately dive right in with a simple unit test, that shows you how easy it is to get started. See the video tutorial, or write the code yourself, the sheer power of Typemock is easy to see!


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Getting Started with C++ Unit Testing in Linux – C++ Webinar Series

In unit testing C/C++ code we want to test a single feature, but then we hit a major problem: our code calls other classes, databases, services and 3rd party libraries.
To solve this, we’ll need to change our code. But changing it is risky. We are likely to introduce new bugs and then find ourselves rewriting our unit tests instead of writing new code.

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Triumph Over Legacy Code with Unit Testing

Mr. Eli Lopian, Typemock founder, shows how to triumph over legacy code with automated unit testing. You will also learn how to introduce changes into legacy code with confidence, improve code design and write better code – faster!

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How to Fix a Bug

We all did that so many times, it’s second nature but have you ever thought about the process of fixing bugs?
Maybe (just maybe), if we understand the process, rather than keep ourselves busy by fixing each and every bug separately, we can improve it, and perhaps minimize time spent on these pesky bugs.

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Set Up Your CI Project with TFS 2012 in 45 Minutes or Less!

Taking on unit testing is the right thing to do, but as we all know, unit testing is a team sport. Setting your dev machine is just the beginning. In order to lose the “Works On My Machine” mentality, you need to introduce Continuous Integration: a separate computer that runs all the tests from all team members, and gives you a “state of the project” report.

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Real-life Unit Testing

Everybody has legacy code. People write more and more legacy code every day. But what problems does it cause and how can we deal with it?
Forget theory and tips. Let’s dive deep into a real-world example.

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The Evil Singleton

In this webinar we’ll talk about singletons, and when to use them.
We’ll also explore different testing scenarios, and different methods to deal with them, from a complete rewrite, substitution with test doubles and using a mocking framework to fake them behind their back.

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Introduction to Unit Testing

Unit testing is all the rage and more and more teams are beginning to unit test, but it’s difficult to start. In order to prevent bugs and release quality code to market, you also need developer testing, including unit testing.

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This article takes you through some of the basics of unit testing with Typemock Isolator, demonstrated through a variety of articles, video tutorials and webinars. Going through this section, you'll find out how to fake different objects, control behaviors, and how you verify your call arguments.

C++ Cheat Sheet

For better unit testing results download the Cheat Sheet for Cpp, print it and tape it to your computer. Change…

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Unit Testing ASP.NET Article

Article by Artem Smirnov creator of Ivonna Background Many developers recently discovered that the Test Driven Development (TDD) process improves the development process significantly. While…

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Unit Testing ASP.NET Example

There are many advantages for unit testing ASP.Net (Classic / WebForms or MVC) with Typemock Isolator. These include shortening the development cycle,…

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