Typemock Isolator++

Typemock PNG 0011 (2) On April Fools we said we were leaving the .net world behind, and going where no isolation framework has gone before – C++ land. This was not completely false.

Today we’re announcing Isolator++, Typemock Isolator’s brother, intended for C++ developers. Isolator++ is now in a closed beta. If you want to take Isolator++ for a ride, join the beta program, or know someone who would be interested, contact me, gilz at typemock dot com. 

In the meantime, you can read more about Isolator++ in our guide:

Isolator++ is intended for the C++ Windows developer. We’re adding features weekly, and I’ll keep you posted about new stuff, as they come in, and a new version is ready for download.

Gil Zilberfeld