Version 5.4 – Intellitest makes unit testing even easier

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The killer feature that we’ve added to Isolator 5.4 is all about making your life easier – not content with just making our API simple to use, we’re taking unit testing one step further by adding Arrange statements as you write your test code!

The new Intellitest feature autocompletes and generates code declaration for you. Specifically, when you use an argument, it generates the Isolate.Fake.Instance for you. If the method has different overloads, it gives you all the options you need. But it does a bit more than that. Didn’t add ‘using’ statements? Intellitest has you covered. Didn’t add Typemock references to the project? Intellitest adds them automatically. We’re getting through the roadblocks and moving towards streamlined test writing.

Intellitest works inside test methods (MSTest, NUnit or xUnit). It only supports interface completion for now, rather than classes, but that’s going to be added during the next couple of weeks. This is a huge step forward in how unit tests are written, and we’ve got your feedback to thank for it!