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I'd like to evaluate TypeMock and what it can provide for our Silverlight 4.0 Unit Tests.

But I'm already stopped at the first step. When I select the references and click "Add" in the "Add References" Dialog, they will be added, but on close, they will all be deleted again....

Anyone an idea.

I'm using:
-VS2010 Premium
-Silverlight Toolkit Unit test projects (April 2010)
-Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2010 RTM
asked by nhale (1.1k points)

3 Answers

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Hi nhale,

Thanks for reporting this issue, I'll check it and update on this thread.

Typemock Support
answered by Elisha (12k points)
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Thanks, would be nice if it would be during the next 10 days ;-)
answered by nhale (1.1k points)
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answered by ohad (35.4k points)