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Hi Guys - I am implementing a nuget ( store for our developers, and have created a few nuget packages to enable typemock support for testing versions (6.0.2 and 6.0.6). A few clicks and a developer can start writing tests for typemock, with all references etc in place.

Would you be interested in adopting my nuspec scripts, or creating your own to add them to the online feed of library packages?
asked by Squid (3.5k points)

3 Answers

0 votes

Thanks for the suggestion. Perhaps we can use your script as Addon.

Typemock Support
answered by Elisha (12k points)
0 votes
Has there been any further action on this request?
answered by dblack (8.4k points)
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We've decided not to use Nugget because of version issues.

Typemock Support.
answered by alex (17k points)