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Hi there,

We have purchased multiple licenses of Typemock Isolator. After installing Typemock in VS2010, having Isolator enabled caused error in VS2010 which the patch with version was provided.

I installed the patch and the error fixed.

However, now that I run tests I see that it says the trial version is expired!

I tried to update the license info set in the "Configure Typemock Isolator->license" tab, but "set license" button is in-active!

Please advice.


P.S. I just installed version 6.0.7 and no luck with setting the license
asked by myaesubi (1.1k points)

1 Answer

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Hi Again,

I appreciate the reply on this issue from moderators, as this issue has halted our successful builds due to numerous test failures as the result of expiration issue.

Thanks in advance,
answered by myaesubi (1.1k points)