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Hey there,

I started working with some TypeMock based unit tests and everything was working pretty well. I ended up needing to restart my system and things got a little weird. The normal shields I would see next to my test methods no longer showed and the test navigator for TypeMock reports that I must "Load solution to start unit testing". The solution itself is properly loaded and can be run and debug as usual. Attempting to run the same tests using MStest fails with an odd exception about pipe endpoints not being available. Do note that all references are being found and loaded according to the normal VS Intellisense pieces.

As a side note, starting up VS with a solution produces an exception about the debugger being unable to connect as it would like to the vshost.exe file for the project. I'd never seen that before and thought it might be related to the strange behavior of TypeMock in the VS instance.

In addition to all this, it does appear that opening different solutions does allow the TypeMock test navigator to properly load and show all test methods.

I was going through the forums and saw a mention of enabling logs and I did just that. There appears to be an exception when the TypeMock extension tries to load the solution file. Something about the path being not of a legal form. I've attached this log to the post for reference.

I am using VS2012 with latest updates and TypeMock Isolator 7.3.0 Essential Evaluation. Thanks in advance for any help!

extension_log.txt (Extension log file.)
asked by dnglaze (1.4k points)

2 Answers

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I think that the problem might have been caused by an old cache file.

In order to see if that was the source of the problem please do the following steps:
  • 1. Close Visual Studio.
  • 2. Locate [solution name].IsolatorCache.user under the root directory of your solution and erase it.
  • 3. Open your solution in and run the tests.

Please let me know if it solved the issue.
answered by alex (17k points)
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I did find out that this problem likes to reproduce itself when I install addons. I had installed an addon for VS when this problem originally showed itself. I was able to fix it by moving the project to a new directory. This may have done the cache clearing you spoke of. It happened again when I later installed a few more addons. I'm not sure why new addons makes Isolator so unhappy :).
answered by dnglaze (1.4k points)