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The usability and convenient setup is still a big issue for this "commercial" product. You guys should learn some from Nunit group.

I tried 3.1 under both Nunit 2.2.4 and 2.2.7. It still can not do testing in Nunit GUI.(problem is still "mocking_on.bat", actually I did run it first)

I am not quit sure if the community version does support Nunit GUI. In document, I did not find a place mentioned that clearly.

An advice is ... to provide a complete function trial version to let prospective customers tast the real flavor of TYPEMOCK. :idea: Believe me, tortuing customers' patience will ...(It is ok not to talk)... Mine almost gone! :oops:

Trust me, there is no intelligence factor in there. :wink:
asked by kyue (4.6k points)

4 Answers

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I am sorry that you are finding it so hard, there must be some mistake on our side trying to explain how to work things.

To run NUnit GUI from the command line try the following:

TMockRunner.exe "NUnit-gui.exe" "test.dll"

In any case, feel free to ask for a temporary license just send a mail to
answered by scott (32k points)
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Thanks for quick reply.

Thank god as well, It runs eventually.
It still caused an "alarm messagebox in nunit" though. Anyway, I tasted the flavor and it is not bad. The important one is I can begin my typemock trip before my professor kills me. :lol:
I will send email with that screen snapshot shortly, and then get my temporary license. :D
answered by kyue (4.6k points)
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Hi, buddies

I replied your email to both support@ and sales@ about 10 days ago. But I did not get the tempory license yet. Could you please check it?
answered by kyue (4.6k points)
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Done :D
answered by scott (32k points)